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$0,56/km Moncton farther than 10km

$0,46/km Edmunston farther than 10km


Installation is free at delivery of the game



Free and easy

Like a drive-thru: you pay, then leave with the game

The deposit is given back when the game is returned

Installation is easy and only takes 2-3 minutes each game (like an inflatable mattress)

Hours of fun

guaranteed !

Summerland Moncton

Moncton, N.B.

New address soon

Terms & Conditions

  • The payment of the game has to be done before your event. A deposit  is requested and will be given back after your event, if all conditions and instructions given by Summerland  were respected. 

  • The deposit or part of the deposit may be retained for the following reasons: delay in self-service, equipment failure, unclean or wet equipment, instructions not respected.

  • The game must be returned in the same condition it has been given to you. You are asked to take care of it has if it was your own.

  • The maximum weight communicated by Summerland must be respected.

Have fun !


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